Everybody and his brother searchers on Google, Yahoo! and Bing, which means search engine optimization (SEO) gets your company on top of the fruit bowl. But since everybody thinks a little differently (and some of us think very differently), SEO helps more Internet searchers land people at your virtual doorstep.

Why Choose WebFrootz for SEO?


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Search Engine Optimization Process

  1. Keyword Phrase Research

    WebFrootz will dig up the best keywords for your site.

  2. Baseline Search Engine Traffic Report

    WebFrootz will scope out your current natural search engine traffic statistics.

  3. Baseline Search Engine Ranking Report

    After picking keywords and phrases, we do a search engine ranking report showing your website ranking positions among the big three search engines that almost everybody uses.

  4. Competitive Analysis Report

    WebFrootz see how you do when compared with your top business rivals.

  5. Pages Indexed Report

    We’ll tell you the number of pages on your site found in the major search engine databases.

  6. On-Page Search Engine Optimization

    We’re hip with research and analysis. We’ll give you some ideas for important pages in your site to help you score more traffic, including: Meta Tags generations: unique titles, keywords and descriptions, ALT Tags creation, Improvements to site navigation and URL structure, examination of internal linking structure: link names and titles, site map creation and submission to search engines, and more.

  7. Link Building and Website Promotion

    Including: Directories submission, Article and press release writing and distribution, Bookmarking (the online kind, not the yarn tassel kind)

  8. Monthly Reports and Consulting

    Rankings Report – Detailed reports give you the 411 on your web site’s rankings for your targeted keywords.
    Traffic Report – No, not in the red light/green light sense. We mean web traffic, who’s getting on your site and what search engine and keywords they’re using to find it. This is great stuff.
    Status Report – We tell you how it’s going with getting this whole SEO thing started and answer any questions you have.

Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO Website Assessment Services – We tell you how to make your site better so more people can find it easier. Easy is good.

SEO Training/Consulting Services – We get you up to speed on search engine optimization and train your staff to do SEO in-house from our SEO pros in Baltimore, MD.

SEO Local Geo-targeted Services – Hey, it’s okay if you’re locally-oriented. We can help you target that market in your backyard. We love being a Baltimore SEO company, so we understand locally-oriented companies.

Professional SEO Services – Our Professional SEO Services program here in Baltimore is our comprehensive full-service program. This is the program where we do the bulk of the heavy lifting on the search engine optimization project.

Translation Services – Sixty percent of all Google searches are NOT in English. Though we’re a SEO company in Baltimore, we can draw maximum traffic for your websites. Learn about our multi-lingual SEO and translation services.

SEO is the way to go!

What are you waiting for? While you’re twiddling your thumbs, the Other Guy is getting way ahead of you. Shake a leg and call us already. Don’t be shy. We’re waiting to hear from you from our SEO HQ in Baltimore. We’re the SEO company you can count on to help you optimize your website with a cornucopia of fresh solutions.

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