Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing reaches potential customers anywhere, anytime. It delivers a punchy little message, and makes it a snap to measure effectiveness, too. Mobile marketing markets right to customers’ pockets, which puts advertising right next to their wallets. But beyond the close proximity to their legal tender, mobile marketing offers a savvy means for you to get out your message.

Mobile device use has skyrocketed and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Instead of playing catch-up, you can position your company on the forefront in your industry through cutting-edge mobile marketing. Mobile marketing reaches customers in ways print ads can’t. Flyers and mailed advertisements may be lost in the shuffle or ignored for a few days, mobile ads demand attention. Who doesn’t check and use his mobile device at least a couple of times a day?

Responsive Design

As another plus, mobile marketing builds in responsiveness. Recipients can learn more about your company with a click, allowing you to capture more information about people interested in your business. It’s like a built-in review of your mobile marketing program and a follow-up marketing campaign all in one. Mobile marketing can also offer coupons and discounts on the fly. Instead of a mislaid paper coupon and subsequent lost sale, a deal sent to a mobile device sticks with ’em.

We can also provide responsive mobile marketing that’s sensitive to the recipient’s location, surfing history, and the current time to draw drive-by business and boost traffic during slow periods. It’s like you become their virtual BFF riding shotgun. This also helps you market strategically, so future marketing efforts can hit the bull’s-eye.

Mobile Marketing Strategy

We can seamlessly weave your mobile marketing strategy with your social media marketing, empowering your customers to lend a hand in marketing for you. Nice of them, huh? By sharing their reviews with social media contacts, they give street cred to your marketing message.

We can also integrate mobile marketing with your other marketing methods, such as using QR codes on printed pieces, surveys that direct users to your website or text notifications of your company’s news.

How you convey the message also matters. Many mobile device users have grown accustomed to bright little flashes of marketing. Let’s not let them down. We’ll develop a custom mobile marketing message that stands out. Since the customer is always right, we can build in easy ways they can limit frequency or opt out of marketing messages. There’s no sense in wearing out your welcome. And it’s better to leave the decision in the customer’s hands than to irk them with unwanted messages.

When you’re ready to take your marketing message mobile, give WebFrootz a shout.