Online Reputation Management

Your rep is your life online. Online reputation management, or ORM, has to do with making sure your rep on the web is a good one. Y

You see, every day, for good or bad, someone somewhere is talking about your business. Scary, isn’t it? It’s nice to receive helpful feedback, but one snarky comment can be the rotten apple in the barrel, spoiling the whole lot of ‘em without your even knowing it. You can’t control these comments and the major search engines may think they’re legit. Ouch!

At WebFrootz, we are up on Online Reputation Management (ORM) and are ready to watch your virtual back: blogs, forums, wikis, social networks. We’re on it.

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Online Reputation Management Services include:

  1. Google Reputation Management.

    Pushing good stuff about you to the top of the Google’s search results keeps the bad stuff further from searching eyes. (That’s like setting that proverbial rotten apple as far from the good ones as possible.) That way, people read the good stuff first and that puts your company in a good light, making the bad stuff look like the unreliable information it is. So there!

  2. Online Reputation Evaluation.

    We’ll check your rep and give you tips on how to build or maintain a good one.

  3. Online Reputation Monitoring Consulting.

    WebFrootz will show your PR people how to track popular blogs and message boards and use free tools to get the lowdown on your company’s reputation.

  4. Respond to negative blog postings.

    Seems like people would just pick up the phone or jot off an e-mail to complain. But no, many like to gripe via blog. We’ll help you deal with that.

Why It Is Important To Monitor Your Reputation Online?

Don’t let online dissing scare off potential customers. Call WebFrootz today and we’ll tell you what we can do to keep your brand as sweet as peaches in August.

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