Small Business

Small Business

Who doesn’t rely on the Internet to find stuff? It’s basic. For example, WebFrootz is a large and small business web marketing firm in Baltimore, but our website takes us far beyond being just small business SEO in Maryland. We serve clients worldwide with our website design savvy. That’s what effective small business marketing is all about! A great website gives all the important info about your business so browsers become buyers

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Solutions for small business:

  1. Lead Generation Website

    The sites we make entice visitors to connect with you. Forget the bare bones, single page sites other advertising services eke out. WebFrootz can give you a website full of information and pictures. This makes visiting your site a lot more interesting. They will feel more confident about buying from you. As we like to say, happy visitors turn into happy customers for you! The website includes contact or lead gen form to capture your customers’ information.

  2. Phone number for tracking calls.

    Our second tool is a unique phone number that connects directly to your business but allows the WebFrootzwebsite design team to get an accurate count of the calls we send your way. You’ll learn just how good we are, because you’ll know exactly how many visitors, e-mails, and calls we generate. No more guessing! And, because the phone number can be a local or an 800 number, it can give your business a boost of professionalism if you don’t already have a toll-free number.

  3. Email.

    WebFrootz will set up a branded email (eg. [email protected]) to help people remember how to reach you.

  4. Reporting.

    You’ll have unlimited access (24/7) to a reporting tool – Google Analytics. Oh, the info you’ll have! How many visitors, how they got there, customer behavior on your site and scads of other information. Beyond just curiosity, this information can help you connect the dots between how customers act and what they buy so you spend your marketing budget better.

  5. Text messaging/Mobile Marketing.

    Are your customers BFFs? If so, you’re in VGC, IMHO. Texting is nudging aside printed marketing as an effective way to stay in touch with customers. Texts are fast, fun, personal, targeted, and, most importantly, READ. They also have a high rate of purchase, too. Not bad for brief phrases on tiny screens. But the worm in the apple is that it’s easy to flood customers with too many texts. We can help you develop a text program that stays relevant.

  6. Internet Marketing for Small Businesses.

    Now that you have a website and tracking set up, it’s time to start driving visitors to your small business site. WebFrootz offers variety of programs/services targeted specifically at small business marketing. From search engine optimization (SEO), paid search and Facebook advertising, to setting up Google maps and listings in local directories. Without Internet marketing, you’re winking in the dark. Let us flip on the highbeams for ya.

What are you waiting for? If you’re a small business needing website design and marketing in Baltimore or Timbuktu, we’re here for you! Let us help you launch an Internet presence that will help your business grow.