Are you a peach of a teach? We can supply you with a custom-made online learning platform to create and sell your courses online. From your initial ideas to ongoing IT support, we’ll be right there.

Our Educational Solutions

  1. Branding

    Branding is all about what you do, how you do it and why you do it. We’ll help you answer those questions and figure out snazzy ways of making your brand memorable to clients looking for courses.

  2. E-Commerce

    E-commerce capacity lets you sell courses online with both one-time and recurring payment options, because you can’t stay in business giving this stuff away. Recurring payment options make it easy for customers to keep buying. We can set it up so you can offer a variety of payment options, such as, Paypal, Stripe, etc. Variety is the spice of life and the ka-ching in your cash register.

  3. Responsive Design

    Mobile-friendly? Check! It’s always part of the recipe here at WebFrootz. Since so many students want to learn anytime, anywhere it only makes sense that we fully integrate our learning platform as optimized for any mobile device. Those on the go can be in the know. You know?

  4. Content Management Systems

    An effective content management system can make updating your website content easy as pie. Keep it fresh, keep it snappy, keep it crisp. That’s what we’ll help you do.

  5. Analytics

    Analytics. Sounds technical and probably boring. Like it’s something that the geeky kid in your senior class grew up to do. But it’s no yawn-fest. What can be more exciting than seeing how and why your site and marketing campaigns work? Interesting, no? Analytics also track calls, too. You can learn what works and what doesn’t marketing-wise. You can know who responds to what type of advertising and who doesn’t. That info can help you tweak your recipe for marketing success since you’ll know if you’re reaching your target market. Or if a new, profitable market is popping up where you least expected.

  6. IT Support

    IT support ensures your site is rocking the world 24/7. Because if people aren’t on your site, they’re going someplace else. Let’s don’t let that happen! Our responsive IT support keeps your site humming.

  7. Marketing Strategy

    Marketing strategy development and implementation is our fancy-pants way of saying “figuring out how to say what you do. And then saying it.”
    We’re glad to help you out. Marketing strategy development and implementation starts with understanding who wants your product, how to reach them, the best way to reach them and then getting busy

  8. Hosting

    We offer the mosting in hosting when it comes to websites. You ever go to someone’s house and feel so at home that you wish the evening wouldn’t end? That’s the kind of hosts we are. We’ll get your site on the Triple W so it’s accessible and easy to find.

Here’s a case in point: Kelynco. Not only did we overhaul their entire site and create a custom backend online learning platform, but we also helped them save a big chunk of change every month with just one of the many great features we built into their site. Plus, the site is completely optimized for mobile devices.