Worried About Losing Your Website? What is Your Plan “B” or Why is it Important to Have a Website Backup Plan?

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worried about losing your website?

Recently, we started to get a lot of questions and support requests from our clients that could have been altogether avoided if the website owner had an adequate website backup solution in place. In this post, we will discuss the three most likely scenarios when having a properly backed up version of the website would allow to quickly bring your website back to normal.

Scenario 1 – Routine Software Updates.

Most modern CMSs (Content Management Systems) roll out regular updates. This is a good thing as the updates provide new features, improve existing ones, fix bugs and remove vulnerabilities. Depending on the customizations done on a particular website these updates may or may not result in issues that affect the performance and/or look and feel of your website, break certain functionality, etc. For most basic sites that do not have heavy customizations these updates go unnoticed, but for sites that have been heavily modified to meet the specific customer requirements and/or rely on use of third party plugins and extension compatibility issues are possible. Yet, these update are done for a reason and simply not doing them may create its own set of problems down the road. While having a proper backup will not eliminate the need for regular updates or provide a permanent solution, it will allow to quickly recover the website to the last known working configuration without disrupting your business and then figure out the best course of action. Read more

Why Is SEO Important for Your Website’s Search Engine Traffic?

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In the online world of business, search engine traffic is everything. Top search engine rankings are the proverbial Holy Grail, and every company wants their website on top. The question is, how do you get there? How do you put your small business website at the top of the search engine results? You can’t do it without proper SEO.
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Do You Use SEM for Your Travel Agency’s Website?

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Does your travel agency use SEM for its website? If the answer is no, the chances are it ranks low in the search engines. A low ranking means a lot of wasted money on that sleek website. Think about it. If your customers can’t find you, how can they purchase your services?

Not to worry. You just need a little knowledge about SEM. Once you understand it, you can begin to use it in your online marketing campaign.

I know terms like SEM and SEO sound like a foreign language. But I would argue you know more about them than you think. For one, you probably already know more money is spent on travel than any other online service. You also probably know two thirds of people book their travel arrangements online. I mean why else did you create a website for your travel agency?

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5 Web Design Tips for Your Travel Agency’s Website

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When I search online for travel agencies, I’m looking for the best deal. We all are. But that is not the only deciding factor. We tend to do business on the sites that meet our needs in the fastest and easiest way. We know this because the average user visits 3.6 sites before making a travel purchase. Aside from offering a good deal, the site that gets our business must be user friendly. A good web designer can create a user friendly site that will increase your agency’s revenue. However, you need to have a starting point.

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Search Engine Marketing: What it Means to Your Restaurant’s Online Success

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Forty million restaurant related searches are made online every day! For instance, in less than twenty-four hours the keyword “steakhouse” is searched 1,830,000 times! On that same day, the phrase “Italian restaurant” is searched 301,000 times. From this data we can infer two things:

  1. people are hungry, and
  2. people are using search engines like Google and Yahoo to find the best steakhouse and family restaurant in their neighborhood.

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