At WebFrootz, we know Internet Marketing. That’s our bag, A a crocheted one that you take to the market to lug around your pineapple, mangoes, and passion fruit. Need a website?Help with keyword selection or search engine marketing? Howsabout e-mail for your online store? Gotcha covered. We make a business plan mesh with an online marketing plan.

It’s sort of like bringing together flour, shortening, water, salt, apples, sugar, lemon juice, nutmeg and cinnamon. Separately, the ingredients can’t do much, but combined just right, they make one delectable apple pie. Want a bite? Then read on about WebFrootz, the SEO consulting firm in Baltimore that wants to whip up a flavorful solution for you.

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WebFrootz Strategy Development Activities Include:

  1. Competitive Research

    What you don’t know about your competition will hurt you—a bunch. By learning what makes them tick, we can help you uncover your company’s missed opportunities so you can seize them. To do this, we analyze traffic sources, search volumes, demographics, search engine optimization data, and more. Bunches more.

  2. Internet Marketing Channels

    Go beyond paid searches by tapping the power of natural search, blogging, social media, email and display advertising. (Did we say “tapping?” More like pounding!) These methods can max out your exposure on the Net on sites like eBay, Yahoo, Amazon and more. Don’t get us started; we could be here all night in our cozy Maryland digs.That’s what we Internet and marketing consulting firms do.

  3. Analytics and Usability

    Data: we collect it, analyze it, formulate plans from it, and initiate the plans to give you the highest profit possible. You’re welcome. We don’t know about your part of the globe, but this is all part of how we do Internet marketing and consulting in Maryland.

  4. Technology Applications

    If you want to launch your online strategy, yagotta use the right technology applications. We like calling them “tech aps” because abbreviations are fun and ‘cause we know all about ‘em.

  5. Determination of Critical Success Factors

    Knowing what makes your company hot or not is vital, along with knowing what marketing strategies work and don’t work in each Internet marketing channel. We’ll be with you every step of the way. That’s just how much we care.

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