Responsive Design

Responsive Design

So what is responsive design? Put simply, it’s the ability to have your website adapt to whatever device, screen size or resolution ensuring the user has the best possible browsing experience. Much like a stress ball, it squishes or grows to be whatever size you need.


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Why Choose WebFrootz for Responsive Design?

  1. Usability

    The ‘Net is on the go, and new ways to browse are popping up fast as strawberries in June. You want your brand to be the same regardless of the size and type of screen where it’s seen. But who wants to shell out for different site versions?

  2. Experience

    Relax. We’ve got ya covered. In fact WebFrootz’s team of mobile website development experts in Maryland has developed a number of websites that works on smart phones, tablets, netbook, laptop, desktops – you name it. We’ll be there and you’ll look great, thanks to our using CSS3 media framework.

  3. Consistency

    We use the Responsive CSS framework, which targets the four main screen sizes/resolutions: desktop, tablet, smart phone (horizontal) and smart phone (vertical). Try resizing your browser window to see this in action. Like it? Our mobile website designers here in Baltimore design sites that work just as well on desktops as on mobile devices.

Today more people will be browsing the web with mobile devices than with desktop computers. Is your site ready? Are you looking for a mobile web designer? We can help.

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