Web Design

Web Design

More that just a virtual store, a website puts your company best face forward in cyberspace. Or at least it should. Most people just glance at a website before deciding to leave or linger.

That’s why you need a website that grabs them like a tart, crisp bite of a granny smith apple. We do basic portfolio/static websites, blogs/forums, e-commerce, re-designs of existing sites, content management and hosting. See our Baltimore web design portfolio for samples of our work.

Why choose WebFrootz for your web design?

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Our Baltimore Web Design Recipe

Here’s our recipe for cooking up a web design job. Like Aunt Irene’s famous peach pie, it turns out great every time. Unlike Aunt Irene’s recipe, it usually takes our web design team here in Baltimore, Md. about four to six weeks (give or take) but the outcome is just as sweet and satisfying:

  1. Our Q’s

    Why do you need this design done? Who’s going to be the user and what do they need? What’s it going to say and to whom? (This one’s a biggie!)When should we wrap up this fruit basket? And by when should you need it freshened up a bit?How does your current website meet or not meet your needs?

  2. Building your website’s skeleton

    Check out your competitors’ websites to compare what they’ve got. Do keyword research. Create site map (sorry, no treasure is buried at the end). This map shows what’s on each page of your website and how each page relates to the other. Wouldn’t that be convenient at the family reunion?

  3. Website Prototypes

    We make a sample website to give you a clue as to how this thing might pan out.We test its usefulness and function, sometimes with outside users, to see how it works and where it doesn’t do so hot.We fix where it doesn’t do so hot.Hammer out the rough spots where the users aren’t happy. If users aren’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. That’s why the user experience is so very important.

  4. Web Copywriting

    Web optimized copy (SEO copywriting) helps people find your website by sticking into the text the most common words people use to search for your stuff online. This helps search engines locate your site easier. And we like to be nice to search engines that way so they can help your company end up on the top of the apple barrel.

  5. Web Development

    After the text has been approved, then development can start, which will shine up your website like a bin of glossy, red Macintoshes.

  6. Website Testing

    Nobody likes tests, but this is important. We want to make sure that your website does what it should so we test, test and test some more. We’re persnickety that way. Plus, we let you test it, too, because this is your site and it should do what you want.

  7. Website Launch and Follow-up

    We take your website live. Woo-hoo! As we receive feedback, we tweak the site and make sure it’s behaving. We can also help you via phone or e-mail tweak your website yourself if you’d like. Why let us have all the fun? We can also host your website.

You need a website that will give you the frootz of your labor at a price that won’t drive you bananas. Give us a shout at our Owings Mills office and our web designers in Baltimore will give you a website design quote so you know what to expect.

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