Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Don’t bore ‘em – floor ‘em. With stuff that grabs clients and won’t let go. WebFrootz’s design pros can whip up advertisements, magazine layouts, brochures, newsletters, stationary, handbills, posters and Internet ads.
Ever receive a paper promotional so cool that you wanted to frame it? That’s the kind of stuff we do: keepers.

Why Choose WebFrootz for graphic design and print design?

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Our Design Process

Here’s our recipe for cooking up a design job. Like Aunt Irene’s famous peach pie, it turns out great every time. Unlike Aunt Irene’s recipe, it usually takes our graphic design team here in Baltimore, Md. about four to six weeks (give or take) but the outcome is just as sweet and satisfying:

  1. Get a Free Estimate

    (no coupon required) – For a quickie estimate (and did we mention free?), just let us know just what you’re getting us into and we will deliver the design that tastes just right. We’ll shoot an answer back in about two business days. If you forget to include any needed information, don’t worry. We’ll let you know what we need. But we’re not a bunch of stiff suits; if you don’t feel like filling out the form, we’re cool with that. But since we will still need the skinny on your company, give us a shout. Chat us up about you.

  2. Design Brief

    (sorry, no boxers) – Next, we talk about what you think your design should be and identify your goals. Sound painful? It’s not, really. We’ll talk through the job, looking at what you want to achieve and by when. This meeting often includes looking at design samples, paper, other materials and types of printing, and discussing content, photography, page counts, print runs and schedules.

  3. Resources

    Resources are copy, photos, illustrations etc. They’re the rough stuff we use to get more of an idea of where you’re headed. If you have anything, great! If not, that’s okay, too.

  4. Design

    Then we sit around and pick each other’s brains (using sterile equipment of course) to come up with design concepts to show you. That’s what our graphic design experts in Baltimore love to do!

  5. Final Product

    You will receive all digital files so you can resize for later, use for printing, or publish on the web, all in common formats. Nice, huh? We think so, too.

  6. Production

    (the goods) – Once you sign off on a final design proof, our contractor (usually a printing company) gets busy as a bee. If you use color, you’ll get to see a proof. Plus, we’ll be keeping an eye on it just to be sure. We’re the kind of people that peek at the apple crisp five minutes before it’s done just to make sure everything’s okay in there.

  7. Archiving

    (at our place) – We retain an electronic copy of your work on our computer system to make reordering or future changes a snap. But the copyright? Like we said, that baby’s all yours.

So what are you waiting for? If you need graphic design in Baltimore, Maryland or Podunk, KY.or anywhere in between, get on the horn or shoot us an e-mail so we can get busy stirring up a sweet design for you.

Have a project? Give us a shout and we will give you a free quote