Logo Design

Logo Design

More than just a mark or a neat picture, a logo is representin’ … you! At WebFrootz, we create logos that grab the eye and engage the mind. Every kind of fruit comes in a different shape and its own color, whether it’s a banana, orange, peach, or pineapple. You know what flavor is inside because you recognize its outside. Logos help you stand out in the market and contrast your company with your competitors. Why be a plum in a tangerine peel? Or a cherry that looks like a cantaloupe?

Your new logo will also help highlight the positive aspects of your business and assure clients that you’re all that. It will sum up who you are, what you do, and why people should do business with you.

When you see the Golden Arches, do you think of sub sandwiches? Neither do we. That’s the power of an effective logo. It automatically brings to mind the brand it represents. That’s why we offer custom logo design from our Baltimore HQ.

Logo Design Process

Here’s our recipe for cooking up a custom logo for you:

  1. Chatting

    We get savvy on your company, industry, competition, preferences and more. We are a logo design firm hailing from Baltimore, Md., but who and where are you? What is unique about you? Our logo design questionnaire also gives us the 411 on you.

  2. Looking and thinking

    We take a gander at what everyone else in your industry is doing to avoid looking too similar, while considering what does work. Then we put our thinking caps on. They’re pretty comfortable, actually.

  3. Actual working

    Here’s where the pen and mouse get moving and we actually draw some stuff. The creativity gets flowing and behold: a logo is born.

  4. Reviewing

    You get to see what we’ve done. We’re still in black and white at this stage so you won’t be swayed by a snazzy color. At this point, it’s all about the design.

  5. Re-do

    Just like a good elementary school kickball game, if we miss, we get a re-do (after all, your satisfaction is what’s important here). We tweak, we adjust, we revise and then send it back to you.

  6. Coloring

    Lemon yellow? Tangerine? Apple red? We offer you a palate of scrumptious colors to pick from so your logo fits your taste. After all, this is custom logo design we create from our cozy Baltimore, Maryland digs.

  7. Forking over the files

    When you’re happy, we’re done. We give you electronic copies of your logo in EPS, JPG, PNG and TIFF formats.

Need a logo design quote? No problem, just drop us a line. Even if you’re not a Maryland-based company, we’ll feel as local as your next-door neighbor. But we won’t ask you to pick up our newspaper when we go on vacation.

Have a project? Give us a shout and we will give you a free quote