Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

You know those little ads that pop up at the top, right or bottom of search results? They call them “sponsored links,” “featured listings,” or some such thing. They are pay per click (PPC) ads. The companies advertising pay to have the big-time search engines list their ads. These ads come up because of the keywords entered when the user performs a search.

Did you know that…

Benefits of Paid Search Advertising

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Our Pay Per Click Management Services Include:

  1. Keyword Research and Selection

    Keywords are da bomb, and we make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck. We can help you select the perfect keywords for targeted results.

  2. Creative Development

    We’ll whip up prose that will keep ‘em clicking and loving you.

  3. Landing Page Creation

    Happy landings are all about knowing the best place for searchers to end up. We may be a pay per click company based in Maryland, but on the triple W, your site is the place we want people to visit. And re-visit.

  4. Implement Campaign Tracking

    You don’t need bloodhounds to track. Leave it to us. We’ll put tracking codes in place to help in tracking conversions from your PPC marketing campaign.

  5. Advertisement Submission

    We’ll take care of getting your ads online so you can go relax about your pay per click advertising.

  6. PPC Account Settings

    We also handle the account settings related to your pay per click ad so you don’t have to. Yay! One less hassle for you.

  7. PPC Bid Management

    Need bid gap monitoring, bid price changes and bid position maintenance? We’re here to watch your back from our cozy Baltimore PPC HQ.

  8. PPC Monthly Analysis

    Oooh! We love analysis, and WebFrootz will celebrate the end of each month with a lovely analysis just for you so you can see how all of this fiddling around on the web really does help you sell more.

  9. Campaign Improvements

    As needed, we’ll suggest and follow through with tweaking things a bit to make your PPC program the apple of your eye.

  10. Creative Testing

    Here and there, we’ll see if we can cook up something that makes the creative aspects a little tastier to Web searchers.

  11. SEO Ranking Report

    Another month, another report. But that’s a good thing, because you can see how your site ranks organically for PPC keywords.

Ready to start tasting the sweet frootz of your labor? Need pay per click in Baltimore or anywhere on the globe? Contact WebFrootz, your favorite Baltimore PPC firm today for a free paid search advertising consultation.

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