Business Cards & Corporate ID

Business Cards & Corporate ID

You said hello. You shook hands. You swapped cards. Is that where it ends? Or will your unbelievable business card stick around as a perpetual (and, may we add, highly affordable) means of reminding that client of you and your amazing company? For only an amazing rep of an amazing company would hand out business cards that shatter all previous concepts of creativity.


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Why Do You Need Business Cards?

  1. First Impression

    Business cards are often the first impression your company gives. And continues to give through follow-up impressions, too. The card is tucked in a pocket, retrieved later that day, tossed on a desk, found again in a day or two. What does your card say about your company? Ho-hum or woo-hoo?

  2. Contact Information

    Business cards are part of your corporate identity. When we’re doling out WebFrootz business cards here in Maryland or wherever we roam, we love that our cards not only share our contact information, but they serve as little reminders of that most valuable customer contact: face-to-face time. Remember me? The company rep who shook your hand? In a world of so many virtual connections, business cards provide a tactile connection from business to business. And they can be really, really cool.

  3. Beautiful Cards

    From snappy design to interesting fonts to the cornucopia of colors available, your card needs to grab customers’ attention and make them downright jealous that their cards don’t measure up. Want photo business cards? Check. Gold foil embossed business cards? We’re on it. Quick response (QR) code business cards? No problem.

  4. Creative Design

    Perhaps calling it a business card is a tad narrow. Who says they must be a small paper rectangle of cardstock? If you want something to really stand out, consider what our Maryland business card design team can do: 3-D business cards, die cut business cards, origami business cards, edible chocolate business cards, interactive holograms (okay, call us in 10 years on that one) and scads more creative business cards.

We can create a creative business card design that appropriately promotes the kind of business you represent. And we want your business card to be the kind that customers keep and show their friends because they’re just that cool. Secondary impressions, all free, all for you.

Corporate ID

We can also create a full line of stationery, notepads and other paper goods. Our business cards design team, Baltimore-based, will help you develop ideas for your business cards and other tangible corporate identity needs. Or, if you have a few rudimentary design elements, we can help you flesh them out.

So if you need a first business card or a new, updated business card, contact WebFrootz. We’ll have you looking snazzy in no time.

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