Public Relations (PR)

Public Relations (PR)

Press releases let the media know what’s shaking with your company. They’re not mind readers, you know! Believe it or not, media members want to receive press releases. They are hungry for news. Starving for it. We can help you serve up a great big bowl of news. Operating a business without leveraging the media to help you market wastes a free resource for your company. But if you don’t use them to alert the media of your business’ news, you’re throwing away free money. Media members don’t charge for using your press releases; however, they don’t have to use them, either.

Press releases represent a kind of writing most people never think about. It’s not advertising copy or general web content. It’s not a letter to the editor, marketing brochure or article. Press releases are a whole different flavor. Media representatives are probably the busiest people on the planet meeting urgent deadlines, coordinating multiple contacts per story and completing fact checking.

They possess little time for fixing up others’ mistakes. They need information that is newsworthy, concise, accurate and in Associated Press style. That makes it easier for them to take your news and relate it to their audiences and readers. Who do you think receives the free exposure the media offers? The one offering a press release with a timely hook, solid writing, AP style and clear contact info (like what we write)? Or the business owner who never bothers to alert the media? Yeah, we thought so, too.

Why Choose our PR Services?

  1. We can help you identify what is newsy in your company. Just the fact that you exist is usually not significant. Press releases must appeal to the media members who will receive them, instead of reading as spam or ads. Our press releases stick with the style media members prefer. We also know who should receive press releases, including the type of media best suited to your news, the markets they serve, and the individuals at the media outlet who needs to know your news. Think sharp shooter, not machine gunner.

  2. We offer press release packages that include on-going or one-time releases, depending upon your goals. For many businesses, on-going press releases keep your company’s name fresh in the minds of media members eagerly seeking interviewees and stories. In the long run, they provide the best value because they consistently promote your company as the industry leader.

Why not tap WebFrootz to craft press releases that can help you grab your piece of the media pie?