Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Despite spam, people still read email. Email campaigns can nab new customers, build loyalty in old customers. But like its printed brethren, email marketing campaigns are only as effective as their timing and text.


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Why Use Email Marketing?

  1. Improves Communication

    Here at WebFrootz, we can use email marketing to keep people up to speed on latest offers and developments within your organization, re-market to people who have heard the message, but aren’t customers yet, sell other stuff to current customers, or hone in on somewhat-interested, about-to-become-customers.

  2. Drives Conversion

    Our email campaigns are focused around your needs. If we’re letting people know about your latest offers, then we focus on big calls to action that light a fire under them. We design our emails using HTML standards so that we can make sure they work across the most common mail clients (Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) and so they fit on people’s screens – oh, so important with mobile browsers. We also measure the success rates of our email campaigns to make sure that the right people are being targeted with the right offers, this helps increase conversation rates.

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