Design for Print

Design for Print

Though WebFrootz clearly has “web” in its name as a website design company (and we do love doing business website design!), we’re also a Baltimore print designer and brochure design company. Baltimore may be home, but our reach is worldwide. And so is the reach of the brochures designed for our clients.


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Why Choose WebFrootz for Print Design?

Despite the reach of the big triple W, print collateral still helps businesses tap potential customers every day, whether as hand-outs at tradeshows, handbills at a point-of-sale or as newspaper inserts. Printed collateral reaches people in a way virtual media can’t.

Many times, business collateral provides a first point of contact for people not looking for your company. Maybe they didn’t know your company exists. Maybe they didn’t know they needed your product or service. Maybe you’re just new in town. But for whatever reason, a printed business brochure or other collateral materials can help with the introductions and keep talking when you can’t. Our brochures’ text and design speaks volumes!

Printed business collateral isn’t all about low-tech. They can nudge people to your website or provide info on-the-go with QR codes. Brochures provide a toehold in your customers’ attention, but only if they stick around to read.

That’s where we come in. The staying power of a print piece depends upon its design and content. Let our Baltimore-based team of design experts help you develop fresh ideas for a business that will catch their eye and keep ’em reading. And showing this incredible piece to their friends.

If you want to bounce around a few ideas with our Baltimore design for print team, get on the horn and let us know. We’ll be glad to help.

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