HVAC is something you don’t think about unless it’s not working right. So if you company services HVAC equipment and ducting, how can you get people to think about what they don’t normally think about until they think need it? Think WebFrootz. That’s what Alek Air did.

When this HVAC company needed a breath of fresh air on its website, we provided responsive website design and development, WordPress CMS, consulting, content creation, SEO, analytics, hosting, email, and support.

We included numerous images of clean, competent technicians working on a variety of HVAC jobs to convey the level of professionalism Alek Air maintains. The cool, blue color scheme evokes trust and quality workmanship.
Tabs for residential, commercial and government projects helps site users to quickly assess the scope of Alek Air’s business. A home represents a family’s largest financial and emotional investment. Randomly choosing any HVAC company? Not a chance!

Each tab includes content that helps visitors outlines its services and underscores the painstaking scrutiny Alek Air gives to each project they complete. We also included numerous customer testimonials on each tab to show how they satisfy their clients.
The About page details the processes of hiring and training employees, selecting suppliers and vendors and also the customer care and service principles of Alek Air. It may seem extreme to offer so much content on the “soft” side of the business, but this is the type of text that helps turn visitors into customers.

An automatic slideshow displays the logos of their top suppliers, demonstrating the company’s partnerships with quality companies. Another slideshow shares Alek Air’s numerous certifications as another way to increase consumer confidence.A website can serve as a virtual business card, but in the HVAC industry, a business needs so much more to build trust. When people in the Philly area think of HVAC, Alek Air is their first thought.