Does Your Small Business Have It’s Own Facebook Page?

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Disney does it. Coca Cola has one. Even Starbucks is in on the action. It seems that everyone who’s anyone can be found on Facebook nowadays. The question is, are you using the Web’s most powerful social media websites to promote your business?

Taking Over Facebook

Gone are the days when Facebook was just for teens and college students looking for a way to connect on the Web. The business world has taken over this social networking medium and companies large and small are all getting a piece of the Facebook action. How can you put Facebook to work for you?

We recently discussed attraction marketing and why it is important to the success of your small business. Facebook is one of the hottest attraction marketing methods out there, and it’s a great place to establish your business’s Internet identity and to perform small business branding on the Web.


Annetta Powell is a prime example of how a Facebook page can help you with your small business branding and attraction marketing efforts. Annetta has become one of the leaders in the network marketing world, and she has a loyal following. Her Facebook page has nearly 5,000 followers. That means that nearly 5,000 people receive Annetta’s updates.

What draws people to Annetta? Why is her Facebook page so successful? Annetta has provided her readers with valuable information and advice in her industry niche, positioning herself as an expert in her field. She builds relationships on Facebook, and those relationships often turn into viable business leads. Annetta is not alone in her Facebook success. Thousands of businesses use the site for attraction marketing purposes, and you can too. However, if you’re going to use Facebook to brand and market your small business, you have to do it right.

Small Business Branding on Facebook

Small business branding on Facebook is very important. As I said, thousands of businesses use the Facebook website to build relationships with their customers. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to work on small business branding. Implementing custom Facebook backgrounds and your business’s logo are a great way to make your Facebook page stand out from the rest – at least from a visual perspective.

You’ll also want to focus on providing quality content on your Facebook page and actively participating with the Facebook community. Provide your Facebook readers with informative articles and advice. Most of your Facebook content should be geared towards making your reader’s lives better. Only a fraction of it should be geared towards turning those readers into customers. Make your customers feel like they know you. Give them information they can use. Once the relationship is there, the sales will come naturally. Over time, you may just find yourself with thousands of customers turning to you for products and services thanks to your Facebook efforts.

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