Search Engine Marketing: What it Means to Your Restaurant’s Online Success

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SEM is a key component to ensuring your restaurant’s Web site is found next time someone does an Internet search. Google, Yahoo, and Bing offer restaurants an affordable way to market themselves to the countless people using the Web. If you are not marketing your restaurant’s Web site, it does not exist to the searcher. To have a presence you need to strategize with a professional on how to market online.

Social Media: The Secret Weapon in Any Restaurant’s Online Strategy

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Restaurants are using social media to grow their brand. It is a way to make a closer connection with customers and gauge what works and what doesn’t work. In fact, the National Restaurant Association said, “The biggest trends to emerge from the National Restaurant Association’s 2011 industry forecast revolve around social media. And, a majority of social media savvy consumers dine out more frequently than the general public and consider restaurants to be an essential part of their lifestyle.”

Restaurant Internet Marketing – It’s Not Your Father’s Yellow Pages

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As a restaurant owner or manager are you taking advantage of all the opportunities offered up by the Internet or are you still counting on word of mouth and a traditional print marketing program to get diners filling your place? Are you even aware of what the Internet marketing can do for you? If you’re not you’re giving up business to your competition.