Top 10 Web Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

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Effective marketing is critical to the success of every business. Unfortunately, a lot of small business owners overlook the effect smart web marketing can have on their bottom line. Below are the top ten most common web marketing mistakes small business owners make. By avoiding these marketing mistakes you can increase the number of people contacting you, increase your return on investment, lower your marketing budget, and ultimately sell more of your products and services.

Top 10 Web Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Web Marketing Mistake #1: Absence of Clear Vision and Objectives

Web Marketing Mistake #2: Thinking “My Product is so Good it Sells Itself”

Web Marketing Mistake #3: Not Clearly Defining Your Product or Services’ Benefits

Web Marketing Mistake #4: Assuming Website Aesthetics Equals Website Success

Web Marketing Mistake #5: Creating a Website That No One Visits

Web Marketing Mistake #6: Building a Websites that Doesn’t Move Prospects to Action

Web Marketing Mistake #7: Making It Difficult for Potential Customers to Contact You

Web Marketing Mistake #8: Failure to Continue the Dialogue

Web Marketing Mistake #9: Lack of Tracking (Results, Conversions, Progress)

Web Marketing Mistake #10: Not Knowing Your Limits.

You may find that by avoiding the ten biggest mistakes small businesses make, you are on your way to success!

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